Walk the Masar

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About Us

Masar means path in Arabic. Walk the Masar believes walking in the Middle East provides a unique way to experience the region in all its human and natural diversity, transforming individuals and communities along the way.

Walk the Masar is an organization that assists a mosaic of walking trails in the Middle East and the local initiatives and enthusiasts who use and maintain them. We view this assistance as an investment in the growing culture of walking in the region and all the benefits it brings.

The purpose of Walk the Masar is to support local organizations and individuals to promote the culture of walking and developing trails in the region as:

  • An opportunity to discover their own cultural and natural h
  • A catalyst for socioeconomic development and sustainable local tourism.
  • A way for communities to cooperate around shared interests and experiences.
  • A healthy recreational activity, available to all, which empowers individuals.
  • A means for promoting environmental stewardship.
  • A space for stories that highlight the human face of the Middle East.