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About Us

Since 1995, theBoston Dyke March has remained committed to offering a non-commercial, fundamentally grass-roots alternative to Boston's Pride celebration. We provide an ever-improving venue for influential speakers and artists, high-quality performances and a growing number of community-based organizations.

Each June Dyke Marches take place in multiple cities across theUnited Statesand internationally, and traditionally occur the day or night before that city's Gay Pride celebrations. The tradition began in Washington, DCin 1993 when Lesbian Avengers organized a queer women's demonstration to supplement and point out the shortcomings of a large scale gay-rights march.

The mission of the Boston Dyke March is to provide lesbians, bisexuals, queers, gays, genderqueer, intersexed individuals, transwomen, transmen and allies the opportunity to assemble, network, raise awareness of LGBTQIA issues, celebrate diversity and community, and march for political and social change. The Boston Dyke March works to make visible the impact of institutionalized oppression and is committed to the liberation of all oppressed groups.For this reason, the Boston Dyke March is committed to inclusivity and operates on the principle that the Boston Dyke march is for everyone interested in addressing issues of intersecting oppressions.