Reading Glass Project

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About Us

Vision: Everyone needs to see to work.

Mission: We hand-deliver reading glasses to artisans and others in developing countries who can’t afford glasses and can no longer see up close to work.

Founded in 2008, the US-based, grassroots nonprofit organization has hand-delivered thousands of pairs of reading glasses to those who need them most in 30+ developing nations. There are a few underlying principles that guide the operations of RGP, stemming from the vision and mission:

1. Travelers can be more than tourists when they visit developing nations. Even those going on a simple safari can connect locally with the less fortunate by carrying these reading glasses in their suitcase and hand-delivering them to locals they encounter personally while on the trip. The agency itself does not distribute glasses, rather RGP sends the glasses with any traveler willing to take them on a personal, business, mission, aid or any other purpose trip.

2.The workers, artists and families in these developing nations deserve new, unscratched, correctly matched strength reading glasses. RGP only sends brand new, high quality glasses rather than recycling hand-me-downs. The new pair symbolizes a new lease on life and indicates that everyone is worthy of their own new pair.

3.There is much corruption that transpires on the ground in various government and aid agencies in poverty-stricken areas. RGP Ambassadors are transparent and genuine in their mission to deliver the glasses. Those who need them will receive them without cost or any other strings attached.