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About Us

This new phase in Black Unity is founded on three principles for people to organize effectively for social and economic justice. We must 1. Win real improvement in the people’s lives. 2. Get a sense of their own power. 3. Alter the relations of power. The Black Unity program is premised on grassroots organizing block by block and house by house and networking across many different kinds of organizations in which activists could share their experience, develop relationships and shape a vision not bound by the limitations of any one form of organizing. The common thread connecting all of Black Unity’s work is the value placed on individuals so they can build a powerful family, business as well as community life that works for a more impartial society in which we all can be free, justified and equal.

Black Unity is a grassroots organization that is dedicated to the betterment and total liberation of all oppressed people in the United States of America. We believe that community organization using the direct action approach will work best for us to achieve our goals dealing with racial and economic justice matters. In fact, we desire that this be the focal point of social and political activity in this nation in order for us to get anything out of this democracy. We must unite and speak with one voice to address our needs that are critical to the survival of us as a people; this is a life or death decision.

Black Unity will empower the oppressed to serve and defend along with improve the quality of life in our communities across this nation. Therefore, we must tear down all institutional racism that exists in the United States of America. Black Unity members will also have an opportunity to work either with a chapter promoting local issues, through a committee promoting national issues or individually on specific issues.

As the needs of the oppressed grow every year, Black Unity is responding to the critical concerns in our communities. Join us as we work to build a better future for all of the oppressed in America. We believe there is strength in people working together with their inherent power and right to affect the course of their lives and surroundings. Black Unity is in fact, committed to developing and using this power to improve the quality of life in our communities.

We as people, have the right to know about and have a voice in the developments for the common good of our people. Black Unity is a lifetime leadership school. We've learned that together, we can make changes that can’t be made alone. Future generations will live and die by the decisions being made today; therefore we must have a very strong voice to direct those decisions in a way that is best for us all.