Mattole Restoration Council

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About Us

Mission Statement

The objectives and purpose of the Mattole Restoration Council are the restoration of natural systems in the Mattole River watershed and their maintenance at sustainable levels of health and productivity, especially in regards to forests, fisheries, soils, and other native plant and animal communities.

The Mattole Restoration Council will pursue this goal by:

undertaking work in watershed rehabilitation and salmon enhancement in the context of watershed-wide planning processes

actively seeking affiliation with other groups in the Mattole watershed that share similar goals

pursuing the education and involvement of watershed residents and landholders in the process of watershed recovery, maintenance and preservation of natural systems, and sustainable harvest techniques

conducting research and encouraging the development of land-use techniques and cultural and economic activities which further the sustained productivity of the resources base in the Mattole watershed

entering into cooperative undertakings with private land owners and with federal, state, and county agencies toward the achievement of our goals

encouraging the development of regional and watershed-based self-reliance through creative, productive and interdependent human relationships with the Mattole watershed

advising individuals, agencies, and corporate entities whose activities might impact the health and productivity of the Mattole watershed

cooperating and communicating with community-based groups with similar goals in other watersheds.