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About Us

Because the world has many medicines and healing traditions with the shared goal of health and healing, Healing Worlds is dedicated to the gathering and dissemination of collective knowledge, the sum and translation of cultural knowledge, healing traditions and techniques for the health of all.

This integration fulfills the 1978 WHO Alma Ata Declaration "Health for One" and the 2008 WHO Declaration Beijing Declaration.

We are looking for ways to collaborate, research and support the healing traditions widely available but often misunderstood or misapplied by non-professionals and western scientists and physicians.

By bridging knowledge and techniques, honouring and exploring these practices, we can all benefit from collective knowledge, cross-cultural knowledge, experiences and aggregate wisdom. Through implementation and concomitant strategies we can harmonize medicines make global health a reality!

Healing Worlds, an international foundation, bridges medicinal practices and healing traditions, supports integrated teams of Healers without borders (both traditional and western), facilitates cross-cultural medicine education workshops for humanitarian, medical, disaster, rescue and relief teams and facilitattes the realization of True Healing throughout the world.

We are ALL a part of it! It's time to bridge the divides and simply heal people.

Health is a universal human right.