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About Us

SEA launches and leads youth programs that combine squash, academics, mentoring, travel, college support and career readiness. Located in 23 cities, our member programs enroll more than 2,500 children. 95% of our graduates go to college.

As the national umbrella organization, our mission is to support the creation, development and improvement of urban squash and education programs across the United States and around the world. We strive to achieve our mission in three main ways.

  1. Program Growth: Launch urban squash and education programs in new cities, and support growth in current programs
  2. Program Quality: Ensure the highest quality programming among our members by identifying and sharing best practices, tracking data, evaluating programs, developing leaders, and creating opportunities to exchange ideas and engage in professional development.
  3. Student & Alumni Opportunities: Organize educational programs, tournaments, and squash camps for urban squash students to promote learning, health, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence