So We Run, Incorporated

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United States

About Us

So We Run is a public charity operating under the IRS section 501(c)(3). SWR exists to support individuals, churches, schools, non-government organizations and any other entities both locally and abroad by providing them with new or lightly worn shoes in an attempt to encourage action, inspire hope, promote change and impart dignity.


Although we understand that shoes by themselves cannot eradicate hunger, cure HIV or provide shelter from a natural disaster, we do believe that shoes can help improve quality of life around the world. Whether this means providing a factory worker in Guatemala a pair of work boots to make his job that much easier, a boy in Kenya a pair of soccer cleats so he can play in his team’s end of the year tournament, or a student in Boston a pair of dress shoes for her first day of student teaching, we believe the simple gift of used shoes does in fact improve quality of life.