Foundation Moringa for Mawa

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About Us

In a whole array of countries, from high industrialized countries, to middle income countries, there also are the least developed countries. News came out that for the first time in history less than 10% of the global population is living below the poverty line and that is to be celebrated, yet, in the same breath, those 10% does represent a near 1 billion people. As many households are getting stronger, there must be possibilities for the last 10% to gain momentum as well so they are able to lift themselves out of poverty.

We believe in people’s capacity and ability to use their own intuition to make their own, or collective, choice to lift themselves out of poverty and use their local resources to make their lives better, in cooperation with local- and national governments, and international agencies. We cannot do it for them or just give them what they need. Over the last decades many policies have been implemented, removed again and changed. Yet, a very large group of people are extremely poor, have no voice, are marginalized and vulnerable despite all past efforts.

That is the need still to take action and start pro-poor incentives. We take a humanistic stand to life and work in solidarity together with the people where it is about, on grassroots level, instead of directing development from an ivory tower in the global north.

We sought for durability, sustainability, inclusiveness, growing markets, local availability, self-sufficiency, environmental friendly and inclusive cooperation. Least developed countries need exactly this and we believe that, with our unique approach, a developing project revolving around moringa is our solution for development and now Moringa for Mawa became reality.

Foundation’s Goals:
To establish and maintain social projects giving small scale farmers in Malawi the opportunity, through training and cooperation, diversify their income by realizing their own moringa production in form of planting the trees, to cultivate and sales.
In respect to climate change organizing projects abating CO2 by planting moringa trees with mitigation as result.
To inform and to prepare the most vulnerable for future climate scenarios, and, 
Financially supporting Mawa – The School of the Future, that will give education to children and youth.