APACEvotes and Asian Pacific Islander Americans for Civic Empowerment

  • Washington


1402 3rd Avenue
United States

About Us

APACE envisions a just, inclusive and progressive America that assures racial, political, and economic equity for all people, including Asian Pacific Islander Americans.

We expand democracy by identifying and removing barriers that prevent AAPIs from being fully civically engaged and work to create pathways that mobilize, educate and activate our diverse communities to take civic action across Washington State.

We are a tri-part organization that includes APACEvotes 501(c)3, APACE 501(c)4, and APACE Political Action Committee (PAC). We work in partnership (while complying with legal guidelines) to build power within AAPI communities to achieve political representation and equitable policy and systems change.


POLITICAL ACTION - We mobilize AAPI voices and votes to be a unified and powerful force in electoral and civic affairs.

TRANSFORMATION - We recognize electoral processes alone are not enough to create widespread systems change and that true social change comes from an equal investment in personal, institutional, and structural transformation.

ACCOUNTABILITY - We prioritize transparency and modeling a culture of learning that embraces resilience, reflection, and reparation.

COMMUNITY - We are committed to building partnerships, strengthening local networks, practicing shared decision making, and regularly seeking input to better understand the needs of our diverse community.

SELF DETERMINATION - We value the wisdom and experience of every voice in our community and are committed to creating pathways for all AAPIs to participate in determining our future.

EQUITY - We acknowledge systems of oppression impact individuals differently based on the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, religion, immigration status, English proficiency, ability, age, and class, and are committed to building political power that is centered on the voices of those most impacted by injustice.