Latinos In Action

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1430 W Andrew Avenue
Salt Lake City
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About Us

Latinos in Action, LIA, is a registered 501 (c)(3) mentor program implemented in high schools and middle schools with the aim of students graduating college. The program consists of a school class in which the youth are taught to be para-educators (teaching reading and math to elementary school children) and for the remaining academic year, the program participants are bussed to an elementary school where they are assigned to struggling youth for that class period.

In addition to mentoring elementary youth, the LIA curriculum focuses on the students' cognitive, social and linguistic domains and includes college-prep and leadership components. This includes training in study skills (including improving literacy and numeracy), ACT prep, college admissions applications, financial literacy, financial aid and scholarships, literacy, career exploration, and professionalism/business etiquette. Self-esteem is addressed through Latin dance and similar activities that give students self-identity and motivation necessary to envision themselves as college graduates.

They are also required to be involved in other extracurricular activities of their choice and are encouraged to participate in community service projects. Currently, 92% of LIA participants graduate from high school and 80% continue to college.