Uganda NCD Alliance

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About Us

The Uganda NCD Alliance (UNCDA) is constituted by the Uganda Diabetes Association, Uganda Heart- Research Foundation and the Uganda Cancer society. The UNCDA represents three out of the four priority non-communicable diseases (Diabetes Mellitus, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer and Chronic Respiratory Diseases) identified by WHO, and will have a potential membership of over 3 million people in Uganda. The UNCDA will have broad long-term national and global objectives, which provide the context for the specific requirements of stronger advocacy for these chronic diseases. There will be need to strengthen the capacity of these associations through the development and implementation of health promotion strategies, collection, translation and dissemination of evidence-based knowledge and practice, capacity building, and infrastructure development. This will be a co-ordinated and resourced programme of work by civil society.

Vision As representatives of civil society, our organizations recognise the important contribution that we can make in the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases. The Uganda NCD Alliance has broad long term national and global objectives, which provide the context for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases. This long term vision includes NCD / disease national plans for all, a tobacco free world, improved lifestyles, strengthened health systems, global access to affordable and good quality medicines and technologies and human rights for people with NCDs.