Kosova Young Lawyers - KYL


Dëshmoret e Kombit 58/6


About Us

Kosova Young Lawyers – KYL was founded with the aim to :

a) To promote co-operation with different Young Lawyers and Law Students organizations as well as different Universities around the world. b) To Create a joint union (Association) for all the Associations (unions) of the Young Lawyers of South East Europe; c) To educate youngsters in the principles and purposes of human rights, international organizations and institutions. d) To engage students/youth in international, national, regional, and local conferences, and to improve the knowledge and experience of members of the Center and the legal profession in dealing with European Law and International law. e) To educate Kosovar citizens on legal systems; In order to fulfill our purpose(s), KYL undertakes the following activities:

a) Organize Public Forums in order to urge discussions between different professionals and professors especially in area of law and human rights. b) Establish Exchange Programs between national and foreign Colleges and Universities. c) To organize courses on “Street Law” Programs for Kosovar citizens. d) To organize and urge debates with public holders, especially in the field of International Law and European Law; e) Educate ourselves and others in these areas of knowledge through discussions, research, publications, exchanges, and other appropriate ways; f) To organize trainings, different courses of educational character for the Law students, political students and to advance the level of professional-practical work among the youngsters, g) To create a web-page a TV-Program – “Court TV” for better information of legal professionals, law students of the Universities and Educational Institutions, in general, and h) To organize social activities for the Young lawyers;