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About Us

Mission of the People’s Parliament is to inspire and supports political and social changes that positively impact democracy, civil society and economy.

From the day People’s Parliament was founded, dozens of truly diverse and unique local, national and international non-profit projects and initiatives were successfully implemented within the organizational framework.

However, projects that we organize now are more in-line with the organization's Mission statement and therefore are largely implemented within specific "areas of our interests":

- "Public advocacy"

- "Consumer rights"

- "Youth"

All of the above "areas of our interests" are embodied within specific organizational Programs that are run by Program managers.

We established "Public advocacy" program as a means towards influencing decision-makers and promoting changes to laws, bylaws and other government policies, advancing political, social and economic rights of all citizens of the Republic of Serbia.

However, maybe the most significant area of our interest is youth. That is why "Youth" program was established back in 2001 in order to build knowledge and skills that help the young lead creative and income-safe life, increase active participation of young people in local and regional life, improve cooperation between organizations, institutions and associations gathering or working with young people. We are especially active when projects and initiatives in areas of youth entrepreneurship development, as well as general youth employment, are in question.

Specific objectives of each of the mentioned Programs are being achieved by implementation of different projects and initiatives which most often consist of diverse activities such as: seminars, conferences, trainings, round tables, different kinds of public educational and promotional campaigns, researches and analysis, printed and electronic material publishing and dissemination, development of strategic documents, policies, laws, bylaws and other similar policies, public performances, civic protests, etc.

Most often, different advocacy activities directed mostly towards decision-makers, but towards citizens also.

Most of the types of activities that we mentioned have been embodied into several dozens of local, national and international projects and initiatives that served thousands of individuals, organizations, institutions, from 1999 until now.