Jeevika Development Society

About Us

Who We Are

Jeevika is a community-based NGO working towards furthering the rights of women in West Bengal, India. Jeevika has been working in peri-urban Calcutta for nearly 20 years having formed in 1990 and becoming registered in 1994. Jeevika believes that access and control over financial resources through the framework of women’s rights is the basic pillar in achieving empowerment.

Today, Jeevika facilitates a self-managed Microfinance federation comprising of over 5500 women or 500 Self-Help Groups. Jeevika also conducts livelihood and income generation programmes like Fair Trade embroidery, tailoring, soft toy production, entrepreneurial and computer training and most recently a sustainable agriculture programme for women rice farmers using System of Rice Intensification or SRI.

In addition to these projects, Jeevika is engaged in year round gender and patriarchy workshops, rural women’s theatre, self-defense, and training as envisioned and demanded by the community.

What We Believe 1. RIGHTS BASED. Women’s rights is integrated in every single programme.

2. LIVELIHOOD GENERATION. Women’s empowerment is directly related to economic justice and access. Jeevika promotes the creation of long-term and sustainable livelihood opportunities

3. DEMOCRATIC AND COMMUNITY-RUN INSTITUTIONS. Jeevika aims to promote democratic community-run institutions in the form of enterprises, financial institutions, and women’s groups.

On Volunteering Jeevika has hosted multiple international volunteers as well as partnered with Indian university-level volunteers in its various programmes. We are always open to sharing our experiences and linking with research students, professionals, activists and those with a keen interest in livelihood and women's rights in India. Feel free to email us for more information or send us a proposal.