Simple Love

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1174 Crenshaw Boulevard
Los Angeles
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About Us

Simple Love is a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization on a mission to change the world with love.

Extreme poverty can be both a cause and effect of poor nutrition, lack of education, and absence of adequate healthcare. That is because extreme poverty is a cycle that many are unable to escape on their own. Even worse, a growing number of children fall prey to the sex trafficking industry, and virtually all enslaved children share the commonality of extreme poverty.


Quick-fix solutions do not often have the power to produce lasting results because they only treat the symptoms while leaving the root causes untouched. Our work is designed to eradicate the root causes of extreme poverty through health and nutrition, education and engagement, and community development.

Our Vision:

  1. Heal the hurting by meeting the most urgent survival needs of people in extreme poverty.
  2. Equip the poor with hope to bring transformation in their own communities through education.
  3. Empower the vulnerable, with love and dignity, to rise up as leaders within their own nations.

We believe that all people should have the right to dream their own dreams - not only those that fit into Western ideals. Our work is community-based, highly interpersonal and relational, and respective of the communities and cultures in which we work. We seek to relieve the suffering of the poor, feed the hungry, protect the vulnerable, empower the powerless, give a new voice to the unheard, and bring hope to the hopeless by sharing life's simplest and most powerful gift: love.