Buttonwood Park Zoological Society

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425 Hawthorn St
New Bedford
United States

About Us

The Buttonwood Park Zoo features over 250 animals and 30 exhibits, including elephants, bison, mountain lions, bears, eagles, seals, otters, farm animals, and much more. Called "one of the finest small zoos in the United States" by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, the 10 acre facility was originally opened in 1894 and is currently the twelfth oldest zoo in the United States.

It is the goal of the Buttonwood Park Zoological Society, Inc., to assist the Buttonwood Park Zoo in providing safe, quality recreation in an atmosphere which fosters a commitment to environmental education and conservation for the children and adults of our community. As a modern zoological park, we understand that the plight of all living things is a universal human concern. Zoo animals serve as ambassadors to remind us that we must conserve natural habitats or risk the continued loss of the world's biodiversity.

Modern zoological parks have pioneered exciting programs for the protection of rare and endangered species. As conservation centers, zoos continually inform the public about conservation issues while fostering understanding, appreciation, and respect for all living things.

The Buttonwood Park Zoo and The Buttonwood Park Zoological Society are dedicated to these guiding principles of the zoological world. We are committed to providing quality, innovation, professionalism and service to the animals that inhabit our zoo and to the community of Greater New Bedford.