Cristo Rey Dallas College Preparatory School

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1064 N. Saint Augustine Dr.
United States

About Us

     Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep is an independent, Catholic, college preparatory high school for young men and women of all faiths.  Cristo Rey Dallas nurtures and challenges young women and men to recognize and realize their full potential as they grow to love God, respect others, and serve their community.

     Located in the Pleasant Grove neighborhood of Dallas, it serves families from Dallas that could not otherwise afford a private Catholic education.  The school utilizes a longer school day and year, student-centered instruction, structured academic assistance, counseling support, and a character formation program to prepare our students for their future learning and life experiences. 

     All students enrolled in the school participate in a unique corporate work-study program through which they develop important skills and finance the majority of the cost of their education.  The Cristo Rey corporate work-study program gives students the opportunity to build core skills that will help them succeed in college and in the modern workplace.  Each student works five full days per month at an entry-level position in a professional work environment.  The objective of the work-study program is to reinforce reading comprehension, mathematics, discipline, persistence, and a strong work ethic.  The money they earn through their work goes directly to the school to cover a significant portion of the cost of their education.

     The school is endorsed by the School Sisters of Notre Dame and accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department.  Cristo Rey Dallas is the 2nd school in Texas and the 30th school within the National Cristo Rey Network.  Cristo Rey schools throughout the nation serve more than 9,000 students in 27 cities and are recognized for their remarkable record of success in preparing students for success in college and in life.