Leadership Asheville

  • NC

About Us


A culture of civic decision-making and problem-solving that is inclusive, ethical, forward-looking and accountable.


Enhance community leadership by developing, connecting and mobilizing citizens throughout the region


These values guide our beliefs and actions. Our values are the fabric of Leadership Asheville’s unique culture and are central to our success.

1. Broad and diverse community leadership that respects cultural contexts and facilitates learning and networking across boundaries.

2. Knowledgeable and service-oriented community leadership that promotes a shared vision and collaborative action.

3. Credible and accountable community leadership that delivers results.

Our Commitment

The primary means by which our mission is accomplished is through the synergy that occurs by bringing together public, private and nonprofit sector leaders from many disciplines and neighborhoods.

Our Constituents

Leadership Asheville embraces the diversity in our communities and encourages everyone, without exception, to contribute to its success.

Region We Serve

The greater Asheville area.