Brightpoint Health

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About Us

A Brighter Day for Health Care

It's time to shine a light on what's important to our patients, to stay well and feel good about their health. HELP/PSI is now Brightpoint Health. A place where everyone is treated with respect -- like family -- where they can come to grow and thrive.

Brightpoint Health is a leading nonprofit provider of high-quality medical and mental health care as well as social support services to people, families and communities challenged by health disparities. Seven hundred Brightpoint staff members, including doctors, nurses, mental health specialists, and other healthcare professionals, serve over 40,000 New Yorkers, with 200,000+ health care visits, annually.
Brightpoint Health breaks down the barriers to care. We make a significant and measurable improvement in people's health and wellness so they can enjoy a better life for themselves, their families, and within their communities.
Mission, Vision, Core Values

While we have expanded our services, our patient base and our physical locations over time, we remain committed to the Core Values that guide us. These 10 Core Values ensure that we deliver quality care, consistently and with respect and dignity, to all who need it. Part of our new identity includes a fresh mission and vision statement that better reflects the individuals and communities we serve.


For almost 25 years Brightpoint Health has effectively responded to the evolving unmet health needs of New Yorkers.  From a nursing home devoted to the needs of individuals with HIV/AIDS in the 1990s to expanding to the largest care management program in New York today.