Hudson High School of Learning Technologies

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351 W 18th Street
New York
United States

About Us

Hudson High School of Learning Technologies is an urban public high school located in the Humanities Campus and partnered with the Institute for Student Achievement (ISA). Our student demographic is comprised of general education students, special needs students and English language learners. The socio-economic status of our student population indicates that support is required to ensure students have the means and access to technology so that their academic supports and opportunities are personalized, scaffolded and lead to authentic achievement. Each student has access to desktops, laptops, media hardware and software, as well as internet access to online learning opportunities and digital content. Additionally, as a means to support parent involvement, families are provided with support in accessing web based programs which provide real time information about learning events, student mastery and attendance. However, means and access are not enough. At Hudson we continuously develop and assess our curriculum so that it is built around tasks that require learning and thinking, while also ensuring that conceptual and factual knowledge is learned in a variety of contexts.

The mission of Hudson High School is to develop a community of learners who are skilled questioners. Students, educators, learning partners and community members who collaboratively use “habits of thought that go beyond thinking about to thinking why and what if”, which promotes dialogue and strengthens the Habits of Mind. In learning to question, and consider a range of possible solutions, our students are better equipped to tolerate the ambiguities of the complex world that we inhabit. Our students are equipped to participate in our 21st Century culture of creating and innovating through the development of transliteracy skills, resilience and metacognitive capacity.