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About Us

With so many important issues challenging the world today, sometimes the most difficult step is deciding where to start. Pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree from the John Glenn College of Public Affairs is the place to launch a lifetime of making positive change in the world. Whether you see yourself tackling homelessness in your community, taming the growing national debt, or creating educational opportunities for impoverished women around the globe the Glenn College’s degree programs will prepare you with the skills, knowledge and experiences to get things done.

The Glenn College is committed to inspiring and developing you to become a leader of a new generation of public and nonprofit professionals who can take on complex issues and make change a reality in civic life.

This is not textbook policy. We show you how governments, nonprofits, and private firms can work together to serve the public and get results. Through internships, service opportunities, and collaborations with community partners, you will go beyond the classroom to tackle real-world issues that demand new approaches. The Glenn College emphasizes people and communities and working together to find common ground across diverse perspectives and experiences. We offer more than an education. We offer a lifetime of relationships and collaborative environments to build the communities of the future.

What separates the students at the Glenn College from everyone else? Our graduates have the tools to make their passion their life’s work. How would you make your world a better place? We’ll teach you how to turn your passion into policy. Helping you make a change in the issues that matter to you drives the Glenn College experience.