Fundacion Internacional de Ninos Olvidados

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Privada de la Canadita #6
San Miguel de Allende
GTO, 37700 MX

About Us

F.I.N.O., A.C. (Fundación Internaciónal de Niños Olivdados, Asociacion Civil) is a Mexican non-profit foundation that was started in 2007 out of a passion for helping children. The founders wanted to make a difference and help give the future generations of Mexicans hope for better economic conditions where families could be together at home and not feel like they have to go to “the norte” for their success. Leadership amongst a rural community is key, thus grew the concept of seeding leaders at the primary school level and letting them grow. There are over 300 villages in the San Miguel area and FINO’s long term goal is to offer leadership to the other communities in the region.

F.I.N.O. desires to emphasize the development of leadership skills within children, as well as fostering a love of learning. Students are given weekly access to a growing library, allowing them to personally chase after an education that will help them accomplish their life goals. Over the years, many of the staff and volunteers have witness firsthand what it means for rural children in Mexico to be given a sense of hope for the future through education.

Teamwork, commitment, responsibility, cooperation, initiative and respect are core values of the weekly program. A team of committed, English-speaking volunteers help the program director facilitate classes through a methodology based on fun, engaging and educational activities. Dozens of students have been able to benefit in major ways from these weekly programs that allow rural children in Mexico to pursue a quality life in their own communities.