Kingdom of God Pentecost of All NATIONS Church

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About Us

Our Organisation's Mission is to Proclaim the word of God,Heal the Sick and deliverance.The Church is a Pentecostal Movement that was founded in 2010.

The Church has satilite Churches it has planted in Kapiri Mposh,Lufwanyama,very far from the main Roads.The main Church is in Kitwe's Bulangililo area

In its persuit to fulfill its spiritual mission it has Projects that its implementing in Kapoto area of Zambia.This area is a Shanty Township with a Population of about 30,000 living in very challenging postion in respect to lack of Cleanwater,children not going to school because of lack of money and other Social needs.

We look for goodwill of individuals,Churches and organisation who would want to partner with us in fulfilling the needs of the people living in these challenging positions.

Specific Projects are;

1.Sponsor a Child where a Sponsor will look at the educational needs and living of the Child

2.Clothing of the under privilaged by way of handing out second hand clothing and Shoes to the needy

3.Digging of wells for clean water