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About Us

The purpose of Bridges for Education is to promote tolerance and understanding using English as a bridge. We send volunteer teachers, educated adults and college students to teach conversational English in Eastern and Central Europe in the summer. We work with the Ministries of Education, UNESCO and various NGOs and foundations. We are not a religious or ethnic group. Teachers donate about $2,000 (depending on departure and destination points) to BFE for administrative expenses and RT airfare. BFE arranges 4 week tax deductible programs in July and August: teachers receive free room and board during the three weeks teaching and one week travel- all expenses paid. Teacher also receive a stipend based on a local teacher's salary. BFE was incorporated in 1994 through the New York State Education Department. It has NYS and federal tax exempt status 501(3)(c) status. As of summer 2003 BFE has organzed 71 camps in eight countries serving 9,500 students from 35 countries. 2003 Programs in Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Kosovo and Romania