Manda Wilderness Community Trust

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About Us

The Manda Wilderness Community Trust (MWCT) helps some of the poorest and least supported communities in a corner of northern Mozambique and one of Africa’s last true wildernesses. MWCT actively involves over 20,000 local Nyanja people in 16 villages spread throughout the region in sustainable development projects to improve their today and give hope for their tomorrow. The Manda Wilderness Project combines responsible tourism, grassroots practical help for the war-weary people of Mozambique and a last chance to protect a pristine corner of real Africa. It aims to support conservation and community development through the engines of a successful tourist lodge (Nkwichi Lodge) and a UK-based charity (The Manda Wilderness Community Trust).

“Manda is like a three-legged African cooking pot. Only with all three legs of conservation, community development and high-level tourism can it be really useful.” -Patrick Simkin, Co-founder of the Manda Wilderness Project

As the first tourism development in a region of extreme poverty, the Project was created to address the needs of the local Nyanja people. It aims to: put control of one of Africa’s last true wildernesses into local hands improve local livelihoods through employment, trade and business mentorship develop local people’s skills to the point the Project can be handed over to them