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About Us

BusyMoms Telecons (BMTC) is a non-profit group dedicated to creating a harmonious living by nurturing personal, family and professional wellness of women with children. BMTC connects its members throughout the USA by organizing interactive monthly no-cost webinars. Professionals graciously volunteer their time and knowledge for the benefit of the community. Members can take advantage of these invaluable opportunities to listen to Live, Professional Speakers from the comforts of their homes and get questions answered from the specialists. We also organize informal discussion sessions.

Webinar Categories: Personal and Family wellness, Professional Enrichment, Parenting, Health and Nutrition

Webinar Features:

Time and cost effective- We are passionate about integrating resources in a time and cost effective manner for our attendees. Our strength is the seed-grant funding and the gracious professionals who generously donate their time and knowledge for the group's mission. This makes it possible for us to reach out to our attendees for no charges.

Live Q&A time during the webinars- We bring specialists to your door-steps because we understand that you are pressed for time. We aspire to add value to your personal and professional lives and make a difference. Recordings for some webinars are available to listen at the member's convenience

Virtual Networking opportunities- We feel that this is a good networking opportunity because we also organize informal discussion sessions to share and learn from each other.