The Museum of the San Fernando Valley

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Los Angeles

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About Us

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley straddles two worlds. While our role is to preserve, document and celebrate the past, using our acquisitions to educate and enlighten, our vision is to present continually changing exhibitions interactively, in a manner worthy of this great creative community that shapes contemporary culture worldwide. We eagerly embrace new concepts and technologies that showcase the past in a fresh light. In some instances, we will bring The Museum right to the people. In others, the experience may be virtual.

Our immediate goal, to secure a permanent full-service museum headquarters and exhibition space to house and expand our collections, is moving forward. Our requirements are a site representative of the Valley’s history, growth and influence, one readily accessible by public transportation. The Museum Board anticipates satellite venues throughout the Valley and a strong internet presence to expand our educational reach on an infinite level.

Our goal is to serve the Valley residents, businesses, students and tourists alike, promoting “in-tourism” and providing support for all of the Valley’s cultural and historical organizations. We are, and will continue to grow, as an institution that explores art, history and culture in every new and exciting way possible.