The Aspire Program at Hathaway Brown School

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19600 North Park Blvd.
Shaker Heights
United States

About Us

The Aspire Program at Hathaway Brown School is a tuition-free academic and leadership program that connects Hathaway Brown, an all-girls independent school in Shaker Heights, Ohio, with under-resourced public schools around Cleveland. Aspire is led by Cammy Dubie and Koyen Parikh Shah, who founded the program in 2002, both having begun their careers as middle school teachers. Aspire targets motivated and high achieving girls who are limited in opportunity because of low family income and lack of exposure to higher education. Over the course of a three-year commitment during middle school, girls who attend Aspire participate in a variety of leadership-building activities in academic classes and exploratory workshops. During high school, each Aspire graduate is able to take part in programming designed to make college more accessible. Aspire increases a girl’s awareness and investment in her learning, leadership, and choices.

Aspire also offers high school and college students an introduction to teaching in an innovative environment. Aspire has recruits potential teachers from the nation’s leading colleges. These young people work together with experienced teachers to implement creative, engaging classes. Aspire develops their awareness of the components of a high quality education, thereby leading them to be effective advocates for education and consider teaching as a career.