Joy in the Harvest Mission

  • 08

About Us

Dear Sir, Madame, Ms, local Organization& internaional Organization , Fondations, Godly people with good heart.

Joy in the harvest is a Christian organization based in Kigoma Tanzania . we are here to serve God, by loving all kind of people and serve them !!

we have lot projects around here

1.Evangelism , to preach the word of God to all nation so the may know Jesus as saviour and Lord ! we should send them so people may hear the word of God

2.Feeding programme about 475 street kids and widows 3 time per week , we wish we could do more , that why we need your help ! more food, clothe, health care, school

education, sport, and others according to your possibility and mercy!

3.Computer trainning , free without cost ,to all people here , we need help money, people to do more trainning and upgrade all the computers to lap top , we got a donation

so far od 16 we need more up to 30 pc, come and see , your finance help and physical support is needed.

4. we have Destitutes camp over 60 plus here , old people like homeless , we are helping them in a various ways , food,clothe,volunteers to work with them,student, school

fees, word of God ,renovation 9( buildings ) and others

5. helping to build churches here in town and villages around us, the need is High, let build the kingdom of God here , temples, may Jesus be glorify

send your money & come physicaly to see and help as you can ; we need you ! we want to bring more change, ourself we can't you are special to us and the community

Jesus is Calling you to support is work , there is Room for you !!

Mr Lowell wertz & Mr Mwenge Muyombi can help you with all of this above

Below all the work , you can contact me direct

Mr.Mwenge Muyombi +255 752 371818 ( )

1. Youth Union here in Kigoma , needs more seminars, conferences, projects, training center for them , we need to help the youth here spiritually and physically, please

come , even these who want to be missionary with youth please contact me direct we wil work on it we need more support on finance, we want people here together , we will push the kindgom of God forward , Am also Youth leader for United Methodist Chuch in Tanzania , lot youth Around , Hard for myself to do all of this

Must of the time been getting all the support with youth from Joy in the harvest , real Joy help everyone here , that why we need your support

I have widows programme over 89 now every week we meet , share the word of God help them with something , just symbol of love ( Jesus )

Any volunteer please come , please support the ministries with your money God will pay yo back

May the Lord be with you and direct you according to is will