Newport Area Visitors Center

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325 W 4th Street
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About Us

Greater Newport Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create, promote, and strengthen our business and economic climate as we believe that a prosperous business community and robust economy will lead to an enhanced quality of life for the communities we serve.

As a supportive effort of the Chamber, the Newport Area Visitors Center encourages, enhances and promotes tourism-related business, special events, and community and social services.

The Visitors Center and its staff:

  • Create opportunities for employment
  • Increase revenues for local businesses and industry
  • Generate tax revenue
  • Increase stability by broadening economic base
  • Increase leisure opportunities for residents
  • Make the community more attractive
  • Increase awareness of community and social services to support residents and visitors

Vision Statement

The Greater Newport Area Chamber of Commerce, including its Visitors Center, is proud to serve our communities, which are renowned for unmatched rural beauty, recreation, quality of life, leading-edge technology, and inviting shopping and dining. Recognizing both the benefits and challenges of our rural communities, the Greater Newport Area Chamber envisions a bright future as:

  • Our political and economic environments open avenues that are inviting to and conducive for business development and sustainability.
  • Commercial properties are zoned for industrial and commercial ventures, and these zoned properties are occupied by sustainable and profitable businesses;
  • Our businesses are sustainable and profitable through the ardent support of local customers and enthusiastic visitors and are thereby able to reinvest in the communities in which they operate their businesses.
  • Our community residents are employed locally with meaningful work that will support their families and build healthy neighborhoods.
  • Our business owners are ebullient with the passion to engage, network, support, and educate each other for creating a cohesive and collaborative relationship that will lead to continued success.
  • Our community is comprised of a well-educated and highly trained workforce, which includes education through the Newport Learning Center of Spokane Falls Community College, the Kalispel Career Training Center, and the area’s high schools.