Loretto Volunteer Program

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About Us


The Loretto Volunteer Program pairs young adult volunteers with social justice organizations for a formative year of service. Through meaningful work and communal living, volunteers live out the Loretto Community's mission to work for justice and act for peace - guided by the core values of social justice, community, simplicity and spirituality.

How It Works

Young adults live in intentional community while working full-time in social justice and service organizations. They receive a small food/transportation/personal stipend, housing and health insurance. 

What's Loretto?

The Loretto Volunteer Program is a project of the Sisters of Loretto, an order of Catholic sisters committed to "working for justice and acting for peace." The sisters are Catholic, but volunteers do not have to be. They see the volunteers as their hands and feet in the community - beginning lives of public service, much as the sisters did at the beginning of their careers.