Sustainable Strength

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About Us

Sustainable Strength is a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit organization formed to address challenges facing urban real estate and land development by promoting sustainable methods of infrastructural and economic growth. Sustainable Strength is organized to bring together industry professionals and scholars to discuss and analyze historical and current issues plaguing society’s infrastructural development and its relationship with land use and urban development and policy, in order to find an efficient and feasible remedy. The research and analysis will be complemented by different campaigns that will all contribute to sustainable development projects. These projects will serve as models, putting research to practice, from which new standards will be set and urban development will be advanced, focusing on both community development and sustainable land use. Further, community outreach projects will focus on strengthening the community’s infrastructure providing evidence of the cyclic relationship between successful and profitable development projects and successful inclusive community growth. Where sustainable development advances a community, it also develops society as a whole, providing individuals with the resources necessary to advance themselves while strengthening their family unit, future, and interaction within our global economy.