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About Us

VolunPeer's mission is to increase the national volunteerism rate which has been stubbornly flat for the past decade. One of the significant culprits of this problem is an annual turnover rate of more than one third of the volunteer population.

Our nation has more than 60 million people volunteer their time through community service every year and yet more than 20 million do not volunteer the next year. While a variety of causes drive this, it is largely tied to poor experiences and unmet expectations.

Our organization seeks to improve the national volunteerism rate by increasing transparency around the volunteer experience and helping to build stronger relations amongst volunteers and the nonprofits they serve.

In the end, it is our goal to reduce volunteer turnover and increase volunteerism by enabling an open, useful and productive conversations around volunteerism. Individuals want to volunteer. But without better information and the ability to find the experience that is right for them, volunteerism promises to remain flat as it has for many years.