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About Us

The Harlem Baseball Hitting Academy is A 501(c)3
Not For Profit corporation dedicated to improving the lives of inner city youth primarily in Harlem and the South Bronx.

HBHA utilizes baseball training as a tool to teach important life lessons regarding learning, discipline, ethics, integrity and hard work.

The Harlem Baseball Hitting Academy, Inc. serves to combat community deterioration and juvenile delinquency, primarily in Harlem and the South Bronx, by promoting education and discipline through baseball education.

In 8 years we have produced 100 players who have played in
 DI OR DII collegiate baseball schools.
15 Major League draft picks
3 DI National Championships winners
1 current Major League Baseball Player

HBHA looks to prepare youth to attend and play baseball at the collegiate level, through baseball training, life mentoring, and school tutoring.

HBHA fosters physical and mental development, teamwork, and rule-based play through instruction in the sport of baseball.

HBHA facilitates college enrollment among students in the
New York public school system by preparing youth to compete in the sport of baseball and providing them access to scholarship opportunities at the collegiate or high school level.

Youman Wilder,founder of HBHA, has dedicated his life to the betterment of underprivileged youth,using baseball as the primary tool to getting kids off the streets, focused on schoolwork, and developing their baseball skills.

Mr. Wilder believes all kids should have the opportunity to attend college.
He provides the support and mentoring to help these kids achieve their goals.

The New York Academy of Harlem is finishing up it's 8th year of existence
As we fight to have our kids play in some of the best baseball tournaments that lead them to get in some of the best colleges in the country.
Our senior class of 2014-2015 received or are attending

Kent State in Ohio
Allegheny State
University of Buffalo.
Tulane University
Stony-Brook University
Stanford University
Grambling University
Coppin State
University Of Hartford

Given that we continue to excel, funding is still a financial grind
100% of all monies raised go to the Baseball Academy.

As we enter our 2015 year,we must continue to raise funds in which we use for batting cages, baseball tournaments as well as travel and college recruiting trips.
SAT Prep and tutoring

As we prepare for 2015

We ask that you can send anything you can to help us continue our work here in Harlem
We are a year round educational as well as baseball program,

Especially for young inner city youth who we take care of from
Middle school through 12th grade
And colleges make sure that grades and degrees are earned.

Our goals are to place kids into college through baseball scholarships

We have placed in 8 years over 100 kids into colleges.
We have never had a kid dropout or fail once they went off to college.

We provide a safe place.
But we demand excellence.

Our kids attend
U of Pennsylvania
University of South Carolina
College of Charleston
Temple University

To name a few

Our goals are to develop quality baseball players who are even better students
Out of 100 in the program 100% high school graduation rate
100% college graduate rate..

As the only baseball year round academy in Harlem, our goal is to keep kids off the streets on a positive line and with the guidance of education being the biggest goal.

We have had some great success and we aim to keep a standard of excellence in the classroom and on the baseball field.

Jake Rogers
Currently attending
John Hopkins University

Sam Kaplan
Currently attending
Pomona College

Ed Corinel
2014 Graduate
Oddessa College (Texas)
Associate Arts Degree
Will Continue his education@ 
Stoney-Brook University

Gaunlett Eldermire
Ohio University
5th rd draft pick
Philadelphia Phillies

Darien Campbell
Savannah State University
College Graduate Degree Physics
2013 Graduate

Victor Rosario
Currently Attending
Temple University

Francisco Gracesqui
Toronto Blue Jays

Eric M Robinson
Tufts University
2014 Graduate

Fernando Frias
Currently attending
Brewster Parker College
2014 Graduate
Draft pick by
Washington Nationals

Rawlin Rosario
Currently attending
University of Pennsylvania

Michael Antonio
2008 Draft Pick
Kansas City Royals

Daquan Love
Currently attending
Morehouse College

P.J Kidd
2012 Graduate of Chestnut Hill College
Degree in Business

Paolo Glaude'
2013 Graduate
Alabama A&M University
Degree In
Pharmaceutical Engineering

Noel Santos
Currently attending
Eastern Michigan University

Everette Williams
3rd Round Draft Pick
San Diego Padres

Stephen Elmore
2012 graduate of
Princeton University
Degree Business

Michael Antonio
3rd Round Draft Pick
Kansas City Royals 2009

Jean Carlos Rodriquez
10th Round Draft Pick
Philadelphia Phillies 2008

Jakeel Daniels
Currently attending
Savanna State University

Julian McWilliams
2013 graduate of
Temple University
Degree in English
Currently a Professional Baseball Player With The Independent
Las Vegas Mexico Pecos

Edgar Machuca
Currently attending
University of Southern California

Morgan Philips currently attending
The College of Charleston
2011 Draft Pick
Cincinnati Reds

John Bivens
2010 College graduate
Virginia State University
Degree in Physical Education
8th round draft pick
Milwaukee Brewers

Alexis Torres
Currently attending
Flager University
New Mexico Junior College (AA Degree)
2014 All-Conference selection

Jackie Bradley Jr
University of South Carolina
First round draft pick
Boston Red Sox
2x NCAA National Baseball Champion
2013 World Series Winner

Vio Sergy Rosa
Odessa College
18th round draft pick
Miami Marlins 2011

Andre Brown
Currently attending
Syracuse University

Vasco Wellington
Currently attending.
City College

Ariel Polanco
Graduate of St. Augustine University of
(Raleigh North Carolina)
2013 CIAA Conference
Player Of The Year
2013 NCAA All- Regional selection
Degree Computer Engineer

Phoenix DeChamps
Currently attending
Wagner College

Angel Peguerro
2014 Graduate of New Mexico Military Institute (AA Degree)
Currently Attending
Grambling University

Jorge Toribio
Currently attending
Queens College(NY)

Eric Alcantara
Currently attending
Genesis College New York

Wilton Guzmán Currently attending
University of Arkansas @Pine Bluff

Stephen Alamais
Currently Attending
Tulane University

Kevin Tise
Currently Attending
Hartford University