Merazonia Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre

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About Us

Centro de Rescate Merazonia:

Merazonia is a dynamic rescue and rehabilitation centre for trafficked and abused Amazonian animals, located on 250 acres of rainforest, in Mera, Ecuador. Animals confiscated by the Ministry of Environment and the police, are brought to us where our resident veterinarian gives them their first check-up in our clinic. We are caring for monkeys, kinkajous, cats, other mammals and parrots. Our volunteers help us care for the animals, as well as continue to construct enclosures and trails to improve the centre. We work on both rehabilitating and providing release programs for the animals. If animals are too injured or imprinted for this, we will give them a chance to live as naturally and comfortably as possible.

We also place importance on outreach, education, and research, and plan on implementing local educational programs as well as welcoming international students and researchers. Currently we invite anyone with a passion to make a difference to volunteer with us, get a bit of jungle dirt under your nails, and contribute to the creation of a haven for animals in need!

The fees are: $140 per week for the first two weeks, $120 per week for 3 - 6 weeks. $90 per week after that. Prices include food.