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About Us

 Adanu’s model of collaboration (Adanu means ‘wise collaboration’ in the Ewe language ) leads to true sustainable development in underdeveloped villages in Ghana. The Adanu Model focuses on 3 areas: community selection, community engagement and community participation.  Specifically, our purpose is to build schools, latrines and libraries in collaboration with communities in order to enhance education and bring about lives filled with opportunity and hope. We also have been bringing in college students for volunteer project opportunities for over a decade.

Adanu’s volunteer program provides the opportunity to 
engage in a new culture, invest in genuine relationships 
with participating communities, and contribute in a 
meaningful way to projects that make a lasting difference.

Adanu’s collaborative approach gives communities leadership over big decisions that affect their lives indefinitely. Through their sweat equity, what they build is theirs – it is not something handed to them. They begin to see that the power to change lives is in their hands.  Adanu has worked in over 53 villages, and some of the keys to our model are:

•       We only involve ourselves in communities that request our help

•       Multiple visits to community are made to determine the level of engagement and agreement to Adanu’s model

•       Require community to donate available materials, labor (usually sand and unskilled labor)

•       This lowers cost and creates ownership of project

•       Adanu also collaborates with local and national government officials to ensure cooperation and help

•       A small project (urinal, water tank) is undertaken to start, then level of community commitment is re-examined

•       Larger project (school) is then undertaken if appropriate

•       Determined by Adanu in Ghana

•       Continued relationship long-term with community and officials