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About Us

“To become the world’s premier international institution for applied research, education, training and publishing in the field of family development.”

The family is the root model of adult human relationships based on trust, respect, love, justice, compassion and other vital qualities.Developing unity in societies, nations, and the world depends upon on learning how to build true unity between individuals within families as the primary building blocks of united nations and a united world. We see long-term international and crosscultural collaboration in learning and action to support the healthy development of united families around the world.

To do this, we must systematically build capacity for healthy marriage and family life starting while we are still youth. Both spiritual and material education, inspired by the core teachings of the world’s major religions, is fundamental to unity in the family.

“Recognizing the oneness of humanity and the family as its basic building-block, the family remains the most effective institution to nurture the values of mutual respect, tolerance and spirituality in our future generations.”…

…”The family is a nation in miniature” and, therefore, I urge all the decision-makers and stakeholders in our communities and nations to work to ensure a family-sustaining and friendly environment for a better world for our generations to come.”

Jan Kavan, President of the UN General Assembly, UN Headquarters, NEW YORK, 15 May 2003