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About Us

This organization is currently part of Occupy Sandy's hurricane relief efforts (www.occupysandy.com) which is providing rebuilding and relief assistance to displaced and affected residents in Red Hook, Coney Island, the Rockaways, Staten Island, and New Jersey. OccupyRelief is special project of our Internal Operations Department that is connecting volunteers, coordinators, and resources within the Occupy Sandy network to other volunteers, coordinators, and resources inside and outside our remote locations in over 73 sites across New York. Our organization's social mission is to identify, utilize, and connect pre-existing/known platforms, resources, and structures to the emergent needs of the communities that we find ourselves serving. A primary focus of "OccupyRelief" efforts is to identify and address the underlying needs of communities affected by disaster or crisis, whether that crisis is emergent, ongoing, or a continuation of a crisis that existed before.