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53D, Street 242
Phnom Penh


About Us

Shift360 is an organization that addresses social inequalities using market-­‐based solutions. Specifically, we are focused on creating inclusive economic opportunities for people who live in the Greater Mekong Sub-­‐region.

We help create new and better jobs – particularly for vulnerable populations.

We are a Swiss registered not-­‐for-­‐profit foundation with a base in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our long-­‐term objectives are to:

  1. Catalyse gainful employment for 1,000 people by December 2016.
  1. Develop human capital to increase economic competitiveness.
  1. Influence decision makers to adopt the common good approach.

In order to meet our objective of catalyzing employment, we have established the Shift360 Co-­‐pilot program and are in the process of establishing the Shift Impact Investment fund.