Holiday with a Heart

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21/31 Clerkenwell Workshops
United Kingdom

About Us

Holiday with a Heart organises one-day volunteering opportunities for people while they are on holiday. We provide charities around the world with the extra pairs of hands they need through our structured volunteer support programme, while providing the traveller with a unique cultural experience which allows them to give back.

Our experiences are open to those who do not have enough time to participate in long term projects but who still wish to do something to help and learn about local cultures and communities. In each destination volunteers can choose to participate in either a ‘People’ or ‘Planet’ project and we provide them with all the advice, direction and support they need to make a real difference.

People Projects

Our People projects deliver educational play to children who have little or no access to education. By taking part in one of these projects, volunteers will be giving local children the opportunity to thrive and succeed, despite their social or economic situation. We run our ‘Step Up’ programme at each of our People projects around the world. Through volunteers’ participation, children who would otherwise have had little or no access to education will be engaged in a positive learning environment that stretches their potential. We provide educational resources to enable the volunteers to deliver an English lesson, a creative arts and crafts class and also a fun sports day.

No teaching experience is needed to take part. All of our materials are easy to use and have been created by teachers who specialise in working with children whose first language isn't English. The activities are age specific to match the developmental needs of each individual child and we give all participants guidance to ensure they deliver a fun session that makes a difference to the lives of the children they work with.

Planet Projects

Our Planet projects support charitable organisations that strive to protect and preserve the environment whilst educating people about how they can play a part in creating a more sustainable world. For example, volunteers could spend time at one of our environmental projects, planting trees and helping to protect endangered plants and habitats. Or they could choose to support an animal conservation charity that works to rescue and rehabilitate animals that are endangered or distressed.

All volunteer group sizes match the needs of the charity, but are purposely kept small ranging from 2-12 people.