National Excellence Work Culture Organization




About Us

National Excellence Work Culture Organization is a volunteer organization whose mission is to work with local communities in partnership with international volunteers in areas of community development.

In pursuit of this mission we provide opportunities for people to participate in international volunteer and internship work.

We provide long term, short term and group placements suitable for anyone interested in international volunteer work and overseas internships within many areas, including Teaching, Counseling, Care–giving, Sports, Working in orphanages and medical work. Our programmes are available in the Western Province, Eastern Province and Coastal Province – Kenya.

As an organization, we provide materials that are clear, accurate, current regarding fees, activities, expectations, criteria for involvement and other aspects of the program. Application is open to all, but applicants are evaluated as to maturity, motivation, skills, and responsibility, physical and cultural sensitivity.

We provide thorough pre departure and orientation descriptive materials well before the programme. We require that all the volunteers have international travel medical insurance.

We clearly define our expectations and consequences of behaviour violations in the program including responsibilities during the volunteer service, behaviour offensive to the host culture or violations of the law.

We advocate how language fluency can enhance the volunteer experience, and to this effect we have introduced free Kiswahili to our volunteers. We place volunteers in our own projects so that they can encounter directly the social and developmental issues of the other culture and society. To this effect, we provide housing or home-stays that are hygienic and safe in accordance with local standards.