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About Us

Here are the five values that we live by every day:

OUR CHILDREN – We put children first.

Many years ago we were founded by a group of parents who were passionate about quality care for their children before and after school.  Ever since that day in September of 1985 it has and continues to be all about the children.  We take very seriously the fact that we are role models.  We approach every interaction with genuine unconditional compassion.  We are passionate about building and nurturing a relationship with every single child.  It never gets old for us.  Inspiring, compassionate, inspiring, role model, genuine, friendly, unconditional love

OUR PROGRAM – We are cutting edge.

Every child deserves the opportunity to be curious, explore their unique talents and interests and tap into their imagination.  We create a safe place where children are free to explore their environment and express their individuality.  We are never content with being average.  Our children are not average so why should we be?  We constantly create, implement and refine curriculum that is on the cutting edge and inspires creativity and innovation.  Safe, emerging, enriching

OUR STAFF – We are empowered.

We do not believe that any one person knows it all.  Every employee is empowered to observe any aspect of the organization and make suggestions for improvement.  We feel that by sharing the responsibility, there is an authentic feeling of teamwork and compromise.  Our strong, dedicated and loyal employees are personally invested in our organization.  We respect one another as passionate and creative individuals and appreciate each other’s talents.  When we all come together, our value is exponentially higher than if we all worked alone.  Appreciate, dedicate, loyal, responsible, valuable, strength, compromise

OUR COMMUNITY – We have deep roots.

We value our strong foundation and are committed to creating a lasting impact on our community’s future.  We never lose sight of the many years of service we have provided to the families of the San Ramon Valley.  Each of our sites is a part of a tight knit neighborhood that looks after each other.  Our loyalty to our neighbors drives us to make an impact on every generation that comes along.  We are inspired by seeing that impact year after year.

OUR CULTURE – We are passionate.

We are passionate about improving the lives of families and children in our community.  Our inspiration comes from the fact that we believe so strongly in what we do.  Our children, our colleagues and our community all trust us and depend on us to be consistent, reliable and the highest of quality.  Our passion for excellence, creativity, diversity and innovation has allowed us to grow and expand our impact.  When we share our passion with our children we are inspiring them to be passionate as well.  We stay ahead of the competition by being forward thinking and prioritizing the development of our employees.  Welcoming the individuality of our staff, our children and our neighborhoods has made us the success that we are today.  What we do cannot be duplicated because it comes from the collective sum of all of that individual passion.

Growth, communication, diversity, proactive, trust, fun, respect, creativity, innovation, forward thinking