Youth Poverty Project

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About Us

It's simple. 

We help academically successful, low-income youth get to and through college. Too many smart, resilient children cannot excel in higher education -- or even receive it at all -- due to financial barriers that are beyond their control. Our mission is to find these exemplary youth, feature their stories on our website, and connect them with donors who can directly sponsor their needs. 

What does “directly sponsor” mean? Good question. After we vet the students' applications to verify low-income and high resiliency, we will connect them to one of our sponsors, who will simply be a caring member of the community, and otherwise unaffiliated with Youth Poverty Project. These sponsors will work with our students and case managers from Youth Poverty Project to minimize the students’ financial needs. This could mean anything from a new computer for school, to a summer stipend that will allow them to pursue an unpaid internship they really need, rather than work full-time during vacation. This will give them the peace of mind and financial freedom they need to maintain their success and resiliency without such an overwhelming uphill climb. 

No financial barrier is too large. If the student demonstrates the need, Youth Poverty Project will come up with the funds. And, since the rest of our company's operating costs are covered through private philanthropists and corporations, 100% of all incoming donations go directly toward the child's needs -- our case management team ensures that these funds are distributed and spent the way the students' direct sponsors intended! 

For sponsors that like to play more of an active role in tracking the financial impact of their donation, they can! All they have to do is go to our financials page at and see EXACTLY how their money went towards making a difference in the life a young future leader :) 

For more information, visit our website, or call us at 1-800-647-1353.