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About Us

Konbit Pou Edikasyon (KPE)

"Working Together for Education"


KPE envisions that all Haitian children will have the means to access educational and social opportunities that empower them to fulfill their highest academic potential and become catalysts for the advancement of their communities.


KPE provides financial support and services to ensure the academic success of students in Haiti through the completion of their secondary education.

KPE works collaboratively to connect students with academic, social, and post-secondary opportunities.


RIGHTS: All children have rights including the right to equitable and accessible education.

EMPOWERMENT: Education provides the tools to overcome adversity.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Fostering personal relationships with Konbit kids builds support systems, drives motivation, and ultimately leads to academic excellence.

ACHIEVEMENT: All Konbit kids can achieve at high levels. We support all Konbit kids’ efforts to discover their individual goals.

ACCOUNTABILITY: KPE is accountable to Konbit kids and their families, their communities, our donors, and our partners.

COMMUNITY: Familial and community engagement is vital. The community holds the knowledge, power, and responsibility for the progress of each Konbit kid.