La Giraudiere

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About Us

La Giraudiere is being transformed into a place of learning where people can come learn or Improve their French, learn about France and the French way of life. La Giraudiere initially opened its door to volunteers 2007, and since then has accommodated over 300 persons from around the globe. In 2011 the foundations were laid for the School Trips to France website, and to date we have already accommodated school trips and groups from the UK and the USA. Now we are adding an Internship Program and there are plans for a Sejour Linguistic program for French speakers wishing to improve their English.

La Giraudieres' programs allows people of all backgrounds, ages, and nationalities the chance to live together, learn about each others' lifestyles and exchange their knowledge, experiences and skills, whilst helping with the Project at La Giraudiere in France for those to come in te future.

There is a Volunteer in France project and also an Internship in France program