Cottonwood Classical Foundation

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1776 Montano Rd NW
Building 3
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About Us

Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School (CCPS) was founded with the goal of fostering excellence in children. By attracting excellent leadership and an outstanding international faculty, the list of students waiting for admission grows even longer. CCPS is already being held up as a model by the state of New Mexico.

As a public charter school, CCPS is funded directly by the State of New Mexico, but dwindling funds barely cover the essentials. Simply put, changing the face of public education requires more - more energy, more materials, more capital.

Cottonwood Classical Foundation, a non-profit organization, provides funding and other means of support to CCPS, enhancing its mission to educate the student as a whole – intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically – creating life-long learners.

The primary focus of the Foundation is to support the educational pursuits of students through facility enhancements and supplemental faculty resources. The Foundation also advocates for the enrichment of life in the surrounding area, as Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School and its families benefit from participation in the greater community.