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About Us

Alma Mater believes that an effective and well rounded education involves combining academic excellence with practical skills training. By nurturing a wider skill base through grounded experiential curricula, we ensure students benefit from academic qualifications while simultaneously preparing them for employment and a secure future.

By combining a school and farm, students become active participants in creating a sustainable educational environment for themselves and their classmates. The food grown by the students is sold to finance the school, meaning that each student becomes personally invested in his or her own success while also learning how to use their agricultural skills to feed the wider community and increase rural employment.

In a countries where all secondary education is fee-paying, fifty percent of our students attend on Alma Mater Scholarships, free of charge. These students would otherwise have no means to attend secondary school. The fifty percent of students who do pay fees (lower than those of public school) ensure that the school self-sufficient and not overly reliant on charitable giving.  This dynamic is also crucial for building education capacity within the communities we work.