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About Us

ABOUT US | Click here for our future plans.

We Care Academy is a nonprofit organization that focuses on education, literacy, arts, and community. Our mission is to improve children's literacy, academic performance, and expand children's artistic expression.

THE ARTS | Through exposure to a variety art forms, interactions with art professionals, and proper guidance students with a passion for the arts will have the tools to succeed. By utilizing the arts and developing a student’s critical thinking skills we are able to tap into students’ desire to learn and explore.

LITERACY | Through our literacy initiatives we ensure that each student we serve has a firm grasp of the fundamentals in language. Grammar, phonetics, and structure are all key aspects to our literacy programs for small children learning the basics.

Our position on learning is it is never too early to prepare for the future. Helping give children the tools for a successful future is our primary goal. We will provide positive youth development, strong mentorships, and foster healthy bonds between learning and children. At We Care, we believe that children should be surrounded by a safe, warm, and positive environment conducive for learning. We will help our community educate our youth about the value of a good and well-rounded education. Tutoring, mentoring, and enhancing education through innovative methods are the foundation of our organization.

"I founded We Care Academy because the feeling of contributing to a child's learning experience in a positive way is without equal. There's really nothing else I would rather do. I firmly believe that children are the key to the future. Helping a child reach their academic potential, learn to read, and think critically is my goal. We Care Academy is an organization truly built by individuals who care about children, their community, and improving the institution of education. Atlanta will always be the headquarters and home for myself but my co-founder, chief of staff, and I will take this organization regional and then national. There's so much I can see We Care Academy doing in the future to really make a lasting difference in education and our community." Earl Adams, CEO and Founder

"There are many ways to contribute and one very special way is to take part in our Keep Arts Alive campaign. The Keep Arts Alive campaign is an enhancement to assist the visual arts programs many schools have had to cut for budget reasons. Our program serves students kindergarten through 8th grade and focuses on developing student’s creativity, imaginations, and self-expression. We Care Academy believes that the arts are as essential to learning as all other academic subjects." Robin Allman, CFO and Co-Founder