Red Poppy Art House

  • CA


2698 Folsom St.
San Francisco
United States

About Us


The Red Poppy Art House was established in 2003 as a neighborhood micro-center for artistic and intercultural life in San Francisco. Operating from an urban storefront of 650 square feet, it seeks to demonstrate the unique, powerful and irreplaceable capacity of small and intimate spaces, charting the course for an alternative model for community engagement in the arts. The Red Poppy hosts over 140 diverse performances, exhibitions, workshops, and artist residencies annually.

The Poppy exists as a true hub, facilitating relationships among cultural visionaries, institutions, communities, arts advocates and, of course, artists. Acting as an incubator for artists of multiple disciplines, we provide a fertile, informal space for gathering, discussion, and artistic cross-pollination, out of which myriad collaborations form. The intent of Red Poppy Art House is to forge a bridge between high caliber artistic work and community life through visibility and inclusiveness.


The Red Poppy Art House is a neighborhood center for the intersection of cultural and intergenerational artistic engagement located in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District. The Poppy is an artist-driven organization that seeks to empower and transform society by addressing current social issues that impact our community and society at large through creative processes.